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Articles on Data Analytics

The Pros and Cons of Big Data

Stevie Langford   |     15, Apr 2021

[Infographic] A Brief History of Data

James McMahon   |     08, Apr 2021

What is a Data Warehouse?

Stevie Langford   |     25, Mar 2021

What is Data Integration? Simplified

Dominique Daly   |     11, Mar 2021

[Guide] The Marketing Automation Guide for Beginners

Stevie Langford   |     18, Feb 2021

Powerful Marketing Metrics You Need for Data-Driven Success

Dominique Daly   |     10, Feb 2021

What is Data Integration in Marketing?

Stevie Langford   |     21, Dec 2020

How To Be a Data-Driven Marketer: 8 Key Steps

Emma Mullan   |     14, Oct 2020

[Video] Benefits of Market Segmentation Analytics: The Proof is in the Data

Stevie Langford   |     12, Nov 2019

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