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[Infographic] How to Create a KPI Dashboard in 10 Steps

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Apr 26, 2022

We know that key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential tools in keeping track of progress and growing your business. However, tracking and measuring KPIs can sometimes be a daunting task. What is the best format? What data should you actually include?

One of the best tools in your KPI arsenal is a KPI dashboard. A KPI dashboard is a visual display of information - think charts, graphs, etc. - that combines your most important data into a format that allows for quick review and analysis. Dashboards distill large swathes of data into digestible packets of information, allowing you to make quick, data-driven decisions. 

KPI dashboards have immense benefits for teams and businesses, including:

  • They highlight important information for stakeholders, allowing them to easily understand data quickly.
  • Dashboards are crucial for identifying any problems or issues early, meaning you can tackle them before they become irreversible. 
  • Most importantly, they provide the data and analytical information to actually solve problems and make improvements. 

Essential guide to KPI

But knowing how important KPI dashboards are is only half the battle. Creating a dashboard that effectively tracks and communicates the right data while also not being too complicated to update is just as important. 

This infographic outlines the 10 key steps to creating a dashboard that will help you track, communicate, and action your KPIs. 

Hurree KPI Dashboard Infographic


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