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7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Social Media Dashboard

2 min read
Jun 7, 2022

If you are responsible for managing the social media strategy for a brand, then we will hazard a guess that your to-do list is very long. As social media becomes more and more prominent and is (finally, says you) being recognised as a business function in itself, social media marketers are responsible for creating, planning and scheduling content for each social channel, and are also faced with the seemingly never ending task of analysing and measuring the results for each channel. 

But with so many platforms, each with their own analytics, data and reports, it’s safe to say social media marketers are incredibly busy. This is where a social media dashboard comes in very handy, giving marketers a quick view of the performance of all of their social channels in one place. 

What is a social media dashboard? 

A social media dashboard is a one-stop shop showcasing the most important data from each social platform. Instead of hunting through endless spreadsheets to analyse how well a campaign is performing, a dashboard will display the information in a much more visual way, highlighting performance and progress towards key goals and objectives. You can decide what metrics you want on your dashboard, and what ones you don't, which can be a challenge in itself when faced with so much data across different platforms. You might have different goals for each social channel, so it’s crucial to have an effective way of showing if you are on track. The main areas to focus on are: 

  • Reach - This includes metrics such as impressions, post reach and traffic. 
  • Engagement - This includes likes, comments, shares and follower growth rate.
  • Conversions - This includes click through rate, revenue and ROI. 

To delve into each of these metrics further, check out our blog on the social media KPIs you should be tracking here, but for now we are going to give you our top tips for building your social media dashboard. 



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