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5 Things To Consider Before You Start Using Dashboards

1 min read
Sep 1, 2022

With so much data available now to businesses, it’s more important than ever to interpret and understand it, and ultimately use it to improve and grow the business. Data plays an integral part in decision-making and, when used correctly, will inform and guide your strategy.

Just like a car dashboard displays the most critical information you need to drive successfully, a business dashboard will display the most critical information about a business and how to continue running it successfully. 

Using a dashboard allows you to utilise data visualisation techniques to make sense of massive amounts of data. But just throwing on as many visualisations, metrics and KPIs isn’t going to be enough and will not get you the best results. Creating an effective dashboard takes some careful thought and planning. We have numerous blogs on how to create a KPI dashboard, dashboard design tips and common dashboard design mistakes, but before even getting to that stage, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. We’ve detailed them in the infographic below: 


5 things to consider before using dashboards inforgraphic


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