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10 Effective Marketing Strategies For Business Growth

12 min read
Dec 20, 2022

Do you want to know what marketing strategies can genuinely help you in growing your business? Look no further than this article.

It's not easy to create a business and expand it. First and foremost, you must have a viable concept. Then you'll need to find a lucrative niche. For example, since there is an increasing need for language tutors, setting up a language tutorial service would be a viable concept.

Of course, you must also establish a target demographic and have something valuable to sell. You are getting the word out about your products or services but, without the correct marketing methods to fuel your growth, making a profit and staying afloat is impossible.

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Identifying the best marketing strategy for your company is no easy feat, especially when you consider that each business is unique. How can you effectively deliver your message to the right audience? How can you increase awareness and sales while maintaining a profit? There are so many questions to answer. The truth is, whatever took you to this place in your business is unlikely to get you to the next. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are so preoccupied with working "in" their businesses that they neglect to work "on" them.

So, what are your options? To put it another way, you need to take a step back for a bit and examine the fundamental mechanics of your message, as well as how to reach a broader audience efficiently. In this article, we will tackle just that - the marketing strategies that will genuinely help you grow your business - with no gimmicks or ambiguities.


Here Are 10 Effective Marketing Strategies For Business Growth:


1. Utilise Social Media Platforms

Social networking is impossible to ignore since the majority of people these days are now on social media. A lot of businesses have entirely relied on social media for their success. It may seem daunting at first, but as you gain experience, you'll discover that publishing on social media becomes more accessible and more manageable. 

Of course, you can also engage with a social media manager to help you out. However, if you don't, simply be yourself. You can post your ideas in the comments section or start by adding your products to lists. Post anything you think your audience would find interesting or useful in learning more about you and your business.

Social media marketing aims to provide people with valuable material that they want to share throughout their social networks, resulting in increased visibility and traffic. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts are influenced by social media shares of articles, photographs, and videos since they often boost relevance in search results inside social media networks.

You may also use direct messages on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to connect with other successful businesses or engage with new clients who may be interested in your products or services. And how could we forget about reels? You could also utilise TikTok, a tool that companies can get on board with to showcase their videos about how they manage their business, package their orders, and so on.


2. Get The Most Out of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for nurturing and converting leads. However, whether or not your communication is caught in spam filters is not a game of chance. Email marketing, on the other hand, is a computer-assisted procedure that targets individual prospects and consumers to influence their purchasing decisions. Because open rates and click-through rates are used to determine the effectiveness of email marketing, strategy is essential, especially when it's part of a more extensive internet marketing campaign.

We also recommend that you try email marketing sequences. An email marketing sequence will be a part of any good sales funnel. These are the automatic messages that users receive after subscribing to your mailing list and they can work to build a strong relationship with the subscriber. Even if your emails are automated, we recommend that you make the content genuine and forthright so you retain your human side.

Segment your list based on email responses and clicks. For example, if someone clicks on a specific link, they've clearly expressed an interest in something in particular. Mark that person as a subscriber, so you may market to them later. If someone makes a purchase, mark them as a buyer. Identifying your buyers' and subscribers' interests is critical for segmentation.

Split test your broadcasts when you do send them out. Split test everything, in fact, because you never know what will be the most effective until you pull the trigger and put it to the test. This can help you better understand what your audience responds to, allowing you to communicate more effectively and sell to your customers.


Split testing email strategy


3. Add A Personal Touch to Your Marketing Messages

By looking into statistics and studying demographics, in-market sectors, and affinity groups, internet marketers can tailor each message to their audience data. It's important to use this to your advantage since not every business personalises its messages to its target audience. And, we're not talking about adding first names on your email greetings, but rather delving into the psyche of your prospect to learn their opinions, what they like, dislike or hope for.

Customers should be made to feel valued and heard about their personal stories. With that, automation is also a good option because it allows advertisers to develop ads that vary dynamically depending on who is searching. However, you need to keep in mind that customers still don't want to be flooded with content, especially if it isn't really relevant to them. Thus, timeliness is an important aspect of any plan. To ensure that your consumers gain value from each encounter, all of your content should be relevant and easy to comprehend. Additionally, don’t forget that a key component of any digital marketing plan is transparency and respect for your customers' privacy.

Finally, it should be noted that efforts like behavioural segmentation, which divides audience members into groups based on their activities, such as first-time sales, recurrent purchases, abandoned carts, and page views without conversion, result in effective personalisation.


4. Take Advantage of Co-branding, Affinity, and Cause Marketing

Co-branding is a marketing strategy in which two or more companies collaborate to promote and sell a single product or service. The result is that consumers are often prepared to spend extra because the brands give their collective credibility to raise the impression of the product or service's value. Co-branding may also deter private label manufacturers from duplicating the product or service.

A great example of this is when BMW partnered up with Louis Vuitton to design an exclusive, four piece set of suitcases that fit perfectly into the BMW i8 sports car's back parcel shelf. 

co branding BMW louis vuitton

Source: Louis Vuitton

Affinity marketing, on the other hand, is a collaboration between a corporation (supply) and an organisation that brings together people who share similar interests, such as a coffee shop that sells goods from a local bakery. There are lots of examples of co-branding partnerships that you can find in the market these days.

Red Bull and GoPro are both associated with high adrenaline adventures, so it seems only fitting that they have a partnership together. The GoPro brand will have access to more than 1800 Red Bull events across more than 100 countries and includes content production, distribution, cross-promotion and product innovation. 

Affinity marketing

Source: GoPro

Cause marketing leverages and improves brand reputation. Cause marketing is a partnership between a for-profit company and a non-profit organisation aiming to promote and benefit social and other charity causes. It should not be confused with corporate giving, referring to an organisation's specific tax-deductible gifts. Marketing relationships like these give customers the feeling that you share their goal to make the world a better place.


5. Start Blogging For Your Business

Anyone can start a blog, mainly because many blogging platforms offer free memberships for those who don't yet want to go premium. In fact, many people are starting blogging to make money online

As someone managing a business, you should start a blog for your company right away if you don't already have one. However, remember that you are not limited to blogging on your blog, you can also guest post on other, more established, sites. 

The majority of people find blogging tedious due to a lack of visibility. The truth is that unless you know what you're doing, your site will just be another blog site on the internet that won't get attention.

This isn't just about putting your thoughts on your site, though. You should start blogging as an authority figure. Post your articles on networks like Medium. You can also respond to questions that you know you are knowledgeable about on Reddit and Quora. In turn, you can promote your blog using LinkedIn's publishing tool. These are all authority domains where anyone may publish and have large audiences, allowing you to reach out to many people.

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If you're going to blog, be sure you're blogging effectively. Consider how you can add value. Give people so much worth that they regard you as a thought leader in your industry. This is one of the most effective marketing methods for any company.


6. Use Videos as Marketing Tools

Video is a quick and effective way to get your message through to your audience. It demonstrates to your customers exactly what your product can achieve for their company. According to Aberdeen Group research, organisations that use video as part of their marketing plan see a 49% increase in income annually than those that don't. Your company should take advantage of video as it becomes an increasingly important part of content marketing strategy. 

Furthermore, creating video tutorials is one of the most effective ways to spread the news about your company. Aside from video tutorials, you can also offer free live webinars to explain how your products/services will make their lives better. People will learn something helpful if you teach them something. Take them through the process. Step-by-step instructions are all the rage these days. The better you are at it and the more value you provide, the faster you will be able to increase your visibility and, as a result, your sales.

YouTube is now the world's second-largest search engine, after only Google. People head to YouTube if they want to learn about something visually. You've probably done it a hundred times before. So, consider what you could teach in your business to assist customers in resolving a problem. 

What's the most challenging part? Hearing your voice and, perhaps, seeing your face. You don't have to be on camera now, but you will almost certainly need to be heard. Over time, you become accustomed to it. However, you can't ignore YouTube's visibility and reach, so get out there and start generating real, valuable videos right now. If you’re unsure about this strategy, you can always look for creative ideas online and come up with your unique approach. Not only will this help to market your business and establish a great social presence but also help you generate revenue through YouTube. Once you’ve started with this strategy, you can diversify further and add content to various platforms so that you can market as well as monetize your videos even without YouTube and are not dependent on any specific platform.


7. Start Doing Podcasts and Be A Great Storyteller

Podcasts are an excellent approach to acquire insight into marketing methods and disseminate information about your company's products or to promote yourself as a thought leader. A podcast featuring content created by you or a business representative is another approach to discuss the solutions you offer. The most excellent aspect of participating in a podcast is selling your company to other people's audiences while doing so.

The marketing slice by Hurree. This is Marketing Slice. The podcast that gives you marketing insights, hints and tips that you can action immediately. Within these episodes, the team here at Hurree take you through a deep dive of the marketing strategies and methods that will deliver results right now. These podcasts are complemented by a whole host of other guides, videos, blogs and infographics that can be found at throughout our resources section.

Aside from doing podcasts, you can also create conferences and live streams for your target customers. We strongly advise you to engage in brand storytelling, a well-known communication structure to engage customers emotionally. Rather than simply regurgitating statistics and data, storytelling allows you to tell a compelling story about your business, what it does, what it values, what you value as a business leader, how you engage and contribute to your community, and how you resolve issues and problems. Adding that humane impact on your brand stories will emotionally affect your target audience, which will eventually help you make them engage with your business.


8. Understand the Power of SEO

SEO might be intimidating, but it can also be effective. And when you know how to master SEO properly or you have the help of an SEO agency, the sky truly is the limit. 

Some companies educate you on how to "trick" Google with dubious PBNs and other link schemes. It may produce short-term results, but it will get you in hot water in the long run. When it comes to SEO, there are no short routes. If you want to see results, you must put in the effort and time, just like in business.

Some pointers on how to go about it properly? Don't overuse terms - this is one of the most common blunders people make. Create material that is both human-friendly and search engine-friendly. But, more importantly, be sure that whatever you're saying is entertaining, informative, unique and that it delivers value to your audience.

Remember that search engines will direct your content to a user's search result page if you optimise the content you offer on your website, blog, or YouTube channel. SEO allows you to increase organic traffic to your website and improve your ranking in search results.


9. Leverage the Help of Influencers


Want to get the word out and increase your social media awareness without having to wait years to create an audience? Then you should use influencers. However, finding the proper influencer is crucial. You are not obligated to work with influencers who have millions of followers. Micro-influencers with tens of thousands or even a hundred thousand followers are an option. Micro-influencers can often have just as big an impact as the influencers with millions of followers. This is in part due to their highly engaged and loyal communities. In 2021, the micro-influencer market grew from 89% to 91%, so it's definitely one to consider.

So that you're targeting the right audience, find the perfect influencer in your niche. For example, if your target audience is senior citizens, you should tap someone who is also in that category and, at the same time, influential enough. It isn't simply about getting your message out there. It's all about getting your message out to the proper people. When you consider the possible reward, you can likely reach a large audience for a relatively small investment if you can accomplish that correctly.

This makes sense if your sales systems and products are in place. This is arguably the best marketing technique for you right now if you have a converting offer and all you need is more awareness. Evaluate the problem and contact influencers to determine their pricing. Start with tiny tests to discover what works, then expand.


10. Get The Best Out of Sales Productivity Tools

Marketing works hand-in-hand with sales productivity solutions that can reduce downtime and boost efficiency. Different tools enable video conversations, webinars, conferencing, lead creation, CRM, and email marketing. Salesforce is an example of a sales engagement platform (SEP), which is essential for email monitoring and CRM.

Optimising your sales productivity tools should be accompanied by precise calculations. A sales productivity formula can help you achieve this. Though there is no one-size-fits-all method for calculating sales productivity, there are a few indicators you can use to see if your B2B marketing methods are effective. 

Conversion rates, for example, are a fantastic indicator of your sales productivity formula. Knowing your conversion rates can help you discover which marketing methods produce the most leads and which need to be tweaked or abandoned. Finally, remember to concentrate on salesforce forecasting while estimating future sales. The most excellent sales forecasting software will assist you in rerouting future resources to increase income.



There are many marketing strategies out there and a way to learn and pick which one is best for your business is by taking up digital marketing courses. But a more cost-effective way to know which of these strategies work well for your business is to simply assess yourself and your business as a whole.

Find what your business needs right now. For instance, perhaps your business needs omnichannel marketing software that will help you do it all. You must also figure out where you see your business in the coming months and years. Reflect on it and forecast the potential growth of your business. Overall, always remember that you can do many of these marketing strategies at one time, but you may also do them one at a time and see which works best for you. After that, stick to what works and don't forget to try new things.


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