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What Are App Analytics And What Are The Benefits?

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Dec 12, 2017

Let’s be honest, your main aim is to make your app successful right? Therefore it is essential for you to keep your ear to the ground constantly, listening for new trends, needs and expectations of your users. App Analytics is one of the best ways to keep an eye or ear on your users, which is why it is essential to keep it on point.

 What are app analytics?

Mobile App Analytics are much more than just collecting data. App Analytics provides user engagement metrics, including the number of sessions, active devices, and retention. With these metrics, you can evaluate the impact of app changes or updates, such as modifying the initial onboarding experience, to see which changes improve engagement with your app.

Gone are the days where analytics only happened in Excel and SQL, thanks to a number of tools that make complying with analytics best practices a whole lot easier.

Without a definitive plan and a deep understanding of the fundamentals, your mobile app data will get complicated very quickly.

Integrating analytics into your app marketing produces beneficial insight. Here are four benefits that should not be missed. Let’s have a quick look:

  1. App analytics help drive ROI

  2. Personalise with app analytics

  3. App analytics help collect accurate data

  4. Identify when you have achieved your marketing goals during campaigns

4 Benefits of App Analytics

1.  App Analytics Help Drive ROI

Apps on the app store are constantly battling for visibility and user attention. It is a cut-throat contest, therefore, it is essential to have an acquisition strategy with monetary goals. No surprise that marketing costs money, therefore you need to get a return of the hours of time and money you have invested. With only
53% tracking their marketing ROI, I feel some are missing a huge trick. App analytics measures how different channels deliver and compare throughout different acquisition stages and strategies, to grasp what results are best for ROI.

By looking at your analytical data, you can map out what channels are working best for you and your app so you can accurately spend the bulk of your marketing budget.

However, app analytics is not just about app store optimisation (ASO) and relying on app store search engines. Having a strong ASO strategy for ranking highly in search results is so important, however, you cannot stop here. For you to have a successful analytics strategy you will require an additional two points:

  • Observation
    By observing which channels provide the highest user lifetime value (LTV) you can determine which users are generating higher revenue and possibly higher retention.

  • In-app focus
    Your users have the power to connect with your team at the right time throughout the app. This is important as it allows you to improve your marketing strategy in real-time. Obviously, without integrating app analytics into your marketing channels, you cannot implement your findings from your app user’s analytics.

2.  Personalise With App Analytics

Thanks to app analytics creating individually targeted user experiences is now possible. Targeted push messages delivered to specific people can produce
a 4x lift on open rates, boosting the 1.5% average open rate seen with generic notifications to 5.9%. App analytics is a great way to get to know your new users, including those who have fallen out of the marketing funnel and could be converted into a higher lifecycle stage. From the data gathered you will be able to establish who is downloading your app and opening it again after the first look. By analysing in-app user behaviour and profile data, the data gained can inform your marketing strategy to win them back using targeted personalised messages and in-app experiences.

3.  App Analytics Help Collect Accurate Data

App analytics allows you to gain insight into what your users want and need. A lot of apps seem to lose many users due to not listening to their users. Big mistake. The job is not finished once you have acquired the user your role just changes. Now you must delve deep into the user app data and find out how to make them stick around and use your app. By ensuring that you achieve user retention you must constantly upgrade and improve the app based on your user’s experiences and opinions.

Nearly 1 in 4 people abandon mobile apps after only one use, with users quickly leaving and never coming back to open the app again. Therefore, this user insight and feedback is imperative to increase engagement.

4.  Identify When You Have Achieved Your
Marketing Goals During Campaigns

Marketers are spoilt for choice, with the number of different channels in which they can use to acquire new app users. However, with this vast choice can come confusion on which is best for your targeted users. App analytics allows you to see whether or not you are spending your money and time on the right acquisition channels. Identifying the right channels is essential for you to utilise your time and marketing budget to your advantage.

The app store is predicted to reach 5 million apps by the year 2020. Obviously, as the app store grows, so does the competition for high app ranking, becoming a virtual battlefield for new apps to break into. Therefore it baffles me that 47% of companies are not tracking their marketing ROI, as this can be completed so easily by integrating app analytics. Who wouldn’t want to quadruple their open rates, or re-engage users that have fallen out of your marketing radar? With app analytics, you can dive deep into the behaviour of your users and find out what your user like and don’t like. All of this can be done without asking them and with that shaving off vital hours of time, money and manpower allowing you to spend your time on other vital tasks. It's a no-brainer!

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