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[Video] 5 Things That Make a Really Great Push Notification Campaign

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May 7, 2019

One of the best ways that you can communicate with your app users is through push notifications. And, providing that your users have opted-in, the sky is basically the limit! 

But there's more to engaging your users than just pushing out any old content or random, meaningless messages. If you really want your app to be successful and your users to be happy and loyal, there are a few boxes that you have to tick.

So we've laid out 5 key things that that you need to include to make a really great push notification campaign.

#1 Content

Keep your content short, sweet and valuable. Don’t be afraid to get creative with images, gifs and emojis.

#2 Segmentation     

Segmenting your users by their behavior, location, demographic or psychographic information allows you to personalise your messaging. This makes your users feel valued and increases engagement.

#3 Timing

Make use of your analytics and see when your user is most active on your app. You don’t want to send notifications when someone is trying to get to sleep, and you don’t want to wake them up before their alarm. Unless you want them to opt-out, of course!

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#4 Testing

A/B Testing helps you figure out what really works. By sending different versions of the same notification to a small group of users, you can determine the best communication route for them. Experiment with different message lengths and humor.

#5 Promotions

Offer time-limited deals and discounts. After all, who doesn’t love a bargain? Rewarding loyalty is a great way to keep your users keen.


So there you have it! Our 5 key things that make up a great push notification campaign. 

Now we’d like to hear from you. Are you going to start using any of these tips in your strategy? Or maybe you’d like to share some of your own tips that we might have missed.

Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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