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What is Social Media Marketing & What Are The Benefits?

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Mar 4, 2021

Social media has all but taken over our lives in the western world, and in marketing, it has become a vital part of digital marketing strategy

What is Social Media Marketing? 

Social media marketing is the practice of using social media channels to reach your target audience.

The most popular forms of social media content are text-based, followed by images and videos.

Social media marketers plan detailed content campaigns, often a few months in advance, that are specifically designed and optimised for success on their chosen platforms.

Brands can use two main types of social media posts to reach their audience and build a following on social media.

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Organic Content: Making use of the free tools and capabilities provided on social media platforms for creators. Often, only a small fraction of a brand’s audience actually sees content that is posted organically.

Paid Content: Also known as sponsored content, paid content comes in the form of ads or boosted posts. Brands pay to have their posts put in front of a broader, pre-defined target audience. Successful paid content on social media can be highly valuable to brands. However, it takes a lot of training and optimisation to see the results that you crave. 


The Benefits of Social Media Marketing 

As a brand, it’s almost impossible to avoid having a social media presence - your customers expect you to be there to answer their questions and let them know who you are as a brand.

By creating a dedicated social media calendar and posting consistently valuable and entertaining content, your brand will be able to: 

  1. Increase trustworthiness
  2. Improve customer service
  3. Foster an online community 
  4. Highlight brand values  
  5. Enable social shopping 

To learn more, check out this nifty infographic that includes some impressive statistics that highlight the power of social media marketing:

Social_Media_Infog copyInfographic: What Is Social Media Marketing & What Are The Benefits?


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