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Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing:The Difference

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Sep 25, 2020

Selecting the right marketing method is an essential task for any marketer. So it’s not uncommon to find yourself revisiting the age-old question; what’s the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing, and which should I use in my marketing strategy?

A marketers guide to building a brand 2020

Due to new and advancing technologies, we are more connected now than ever before, and that means changes in market trends are frequent, energetic and are noticed by your customers and prospects.  

When it comes to making the right decisions in marketing, it’s not always easy, because every decision you make can have great and differing impacts. By clearly understanding the differences between digital marketing vs. traditional marketing, you can gain a clearer idea of which method or methods are the most appropriate for the brand and customer, and which will help you deliver the most value in return/in the long run. 

What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing is an online strategy that uses digital tools, channels and platforms to promote a product or service. All advertising, communicating and engaging with the target audience is done via the internet. 


What is Traditional Marketing? 

Traditional marketing typically refers to anything that doesn't involve going digital, i.e. marketing via the internet.


So take a look at this handy infographic where we examine the key differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing…


Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing: What is the Difference?

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