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Top Tips for Mobile App Marketing from the Industry Gurus

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Jul 20, 2017

Here in Hurree, we are all about bringing you the best info out there to help you become a top dog when it comes to mobile app marketing.

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We know it can be a minefield and that there are so many questions that need to be answered. So it was about time we brought it all together and answered the biggies to help get you going.

This time however, we decided to bring in the big guns and so we invited some of the guys and gals in the industry to help us pull it all together. In this series, we will talk all things app design, app user acquisition, app user interaction, app user retention and app analytics.

Before we get started it may be useful to understand the key themes that you will see emerge throughout the guide:

  • User experience comes first - so make sure you keep them in mind, right from the very beginning.
  • Don’t ignore App Store Optimisation - this is crucial to your app’s success!
  • Personalisation is key - make sure you are reaching out to users with only the most relevant content.
  • Engaged users = retained users - make this a priority right from the onboarding stage.
  • Don’t focus on vanity metrics - only measure what matters to you!

Here is what the app marketing gurus had to say...

Rachelle Garnham | Marketing Manager | Mallzee

“ Users not visitors.

A focus on a mobile app over mobile web means a focus on users and not visitors. An entirely different approach to the marketing funnel is required here, with two points of conversion at download and purchase stage. This extended funnel requires insight to help pinpoint the areas of optimisation that have the greatest impact on acquiring potential customers. Does ad targeting focus on users willing to install an app? Are users dropping off at the App Store page? Is the target audience for the app different from the website? The list of questions is endless but honing in and testing, implementing and iterating the right funnel stages brings far greater success than blind instinct.”

Thanos Patsis | Marketing Manager, Mobile | Betway

“Personalisation is the key here. Try to treat every user differently, use social engagement, ask for feedback/ chat and use giveaways or competitions to encourage engagement.”

Marta Miklinska | Mobile Marketing Manager | IAC

“Listen to your app users; make good amendments if necessary. Review your strategy and never settle for less than excellent. If your app is good, your retention rates will be high. If they are low, continue improving the app, pause all marketing activities and relaunch when ready.”

Mirela Cialai | Global Digital Marketing Manager | Zinio LLC

“ First and foremost you have to know your users! Make sure your app is designed for the right user, creating personas of the people most likely to use the app, tailoring its functionalities to fit their needs, make sure it has a user-friendly interface (UI), easy to understand how it works from the moment a new user opens it, by running usability tests. It is very important to have a suitable UI, as bad ratings are very damaging to an app’s reputation.” 

Tim Vogel | Head of Performance Marketing | BUX

“ When it comes to user interaction, don’t reinvent the wheel. Look at what other (similar) apps are doing to engage their users and make simple adjustments and measure impact. Also, engagement is great but if it doesn’t lead to monetization in the end it won’t help your app business grow.”

Peter Adams
| Mobile Digital Marketing Manager | Shell

“ Make sure you tag the events in app so you can track the user journey and drop off areas. However, don’t over tag the app… make sure you know what you want to know at the design stage!”  

Iain Russell | User Acquisition & App Marketing Specialist | Momentum Moneyhub

“ When it comes to the design phase - Research. You should have a target user-base in mind and should be looking for as much ongoing feedback as possible from them during the design phase. The worst thing you can do is launch your new app and find out people don’t understand how to use its core features or find things confusing.”

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Andi Jarvis | Strategy Director | Eximo Marketing

“If the app is central to your business, throw everything you have at it. Saving money and ideas for ‘down the line’ or ‘when we get phase 2’ might sound like it’s a good plan, but if you don’t get a solid base of users, then you’ll never reach that stage.

Recruiting users is tricky in any industry. People often look for the one silver bullet that will lead to a million sign ups, but I’m yet to find it. It’s a combination of small factors - being visible, being relentless and doing all of the small things right.

It’s also worth understanding how the app stores work. It’s a niche skill in the digital marketing industry so find out as much as you can from the experts.”

Cédric Oeblinger | CEO & Co-Founder | Owlie

“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so you need to create kickass app onboarding to improve user retention.”

Thanks to all of our Gurus for sharing their insights above! You can find out the rest of what they had to say about each of our topics in The Complete Guide to App Marketing from Industry Gurus and don’t forget there will be more of their insights right across this series.

In the meantime, you can check out more helpful guides on mobile app marketing here or alternatively if you have any questions feel free to message me directly via rachel@hurree.co.

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