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Why Intelligent Delivery is a Marketer's Lifesaver

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Mar 7, 2017

Timing is everything. Whether it is a push notification, an email, in-app message… whatever! Knowing the best time to post when it comes to your mobile marketing needs to be considered. If you send a message at a time when no-one is there to read it, or a time when they can quickly read it but are too busy to take the desired action, then was it even worth sending?

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A lot of different brands have carried out research in an attempt to come up with
THE  best times to send a message that drives the highest engagement. Localytics reported   that click-through rates are significantly higher during the week, especially from Tuesday to Friday during the hours of noon and 5pm. But then you get other studies who found there to be an increase in open rates in the evening between 8pm to 11.59pm , or that emails sent over the weekend were producing excellent open rates of up to 32.5%.

With so many contradicting statements who on earth are you meant to trust?

Yes, A/B testing is a great way to try out a few different timings and figure out what works best for your own contacts, however, it still has its limitations. With A/B testing, you can really only segment your users into a few different groups because it would simply be impossible  to test out each individual user and try to keep track on when they were most engaged. So what if I told you there was a platform with the ability to solve this issue and determine each individual user's optimal time for engagement?

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What is Intelligent Delivery?

Intelligent Delivery is essentially just another way a brand can make their user experience more personal. A platform that supports Intelligent Delivery will begin to learn about your user from the moment they download your app. For this particular feature, the data that counts the most is the previous interactions that occurred when the user received a message. Using predictive technology and a unique algorithm based on each user’s previous in-app activity you can have your messages individually scheduled to go out at the exact moment the user is most likely to engage. This takes the guesswork away from your marketing team, saving them valuable time whilst helping to increase conversions.

What are the Benefits of Intelligent Delivery?

  • Helps you stand out

With the average smartphone user using around 27 apps per month, competition is high. You might think your customers have just ignored your message when they fail to open or click a push notification or email when in hindsight, they just haven’t noticed it amongst all the clutter. Your content could be spot on, but yet you find yourself wasting time changing your tone and wording in an attempt to increase engagement, when the chances are, your timings are just wrong. With Intelligent Delivery you can have the confidence that your message will be sent out at the exact time when your user is most likely to see it and take action. Therefore appearing as one of your user’s most recent notifications or emails, rather than an hour later when it appears as clutter amongst various different messages and is just skimmed by.

  • Less invasive

Whilst push notifications are extremely effective at instantly reaching your users wherever they are, no matter what they are doing, they can also be viewed as invasive by the recipient. However, with Intelligent Delivery, your messages can be scheduled to arrive at times when each user is most open to receiving them, rather than when they are in a meeting in work or sitting down for dinner with their family.

  • Higher engagement rates

By sending each individual user messaging at times they are most likely to engage, its a no brainer that you will see higher engagement rates (a 25% increase, to be exact).

Hurree. The Essential Guide to Market Segmentation. Let's Go!


  • Takes the pressure of the marketer

The marketer already has a long to-do list. This to-do list can include writing the message copy, finding appropriate images, creating call to actions, designing landing pages, choosing the target audience and then deciding when to send the message. And if you’re dealing with an international user base with time zones to take into consideration, this is not an easy task and comes with a lot of pressure as something as simple as sending the message at the wrong time could be detrimental to the whole campaign. With Intelligent Delivery, you let it do all the hard work, giving you at least one less thing to worry about.

While I am singing the praises of Intelligent Delivery, it’s important to keep in mind that it isn’t going to be the right choice for every email or push notification that you schedule. For example, if you are a news app and your users opt-in to your notifications to receive breaking news as and when it happens then Intelligent Delivery is not the right fit. This is true for any time sensitive information or if you are using triggered campaigns to automatically send messages after the user carries out a certain action.

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