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The Benefits of User Profiling Worth Shouting About

4 min read
Jun 13, 2017

Many forget that the users interacting with your app are actual people… mind blowing, right? 

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User profiling is a 'people centered' approach that gives you the data and insight to communicate with your app users as people who have specific preferences and interests. 

The data collected can be as simple as the gender and location of users. It can even be as specific as the date they last accessed the app or a list of their favourite songs.

This insight is like gold dust! With the benefits of user profiling (and the use of a marketing platform that allows dynamic profiling?!), it would be silly not to use the user profiles to your advantage.

Why Create a User Profile?

User profiles are the driving force for the organisation and will determine things like what language is used in your app. They provide focus and insight on, who your users are and how they like to work in your app.

They offer a range of insights. One insight, in particular, is that the information gathered makes it easier to see what drives your users as they interact with your brand. And who wouldn’t want to know this! 

The more you know about your users, the easier it is to increase their interaction with your brand.

The Benefits of a User Profile

1. Better communication

Think of a conversation with a long-time friend versus someone you have just met. It's so much easier with a long-time friend right? You have a relationship with them, you know what interests them and what makes them tick. It’s the same with app users. By creating a user profile you can contact the user based on what they like when they like it and how the user likes the best.

2. Greater opportunities
Users provide feedback and suggestions. This is great because they want to help you get better!! For example, refining product or service offerings to meet the users needs better. 
However, get the timing right! Have you ever been asked to leave a review for a new app immediately after installing it? Well, this is definitely not how to do it. You want to let the user use the app first and make that experience fun before asking for any type of review. It just makes sense.  
But when you do get round to feedback make sure to make it interesting so they are more likely to fill it in - why not make a funny feedback form?

3. Reduces competition
Maintaining strong relationships with users will help stop them from being swayed by competitive offers. By understanding their profile and what matters to them (i.e. price, service, contact) you can keep them on your side.
4. Increases profit
In the long term, it is a lot more cost-effective to maintain a user than it is to try and gain another one. On top of that, by planning ahead and using a marketing platform that allows dynamic profiling (that automatically updates user profiles), you can save yourself time (which means saving money?!) bringing home a higher return.  
5. Brings in more users 
Attracting more users is so much easier when you have insight into your current users. Profiling enables you to build a target list of potential users who are more likely to be attracted to your app. There is no point in reaching out to users that are not going to be attracted to your app. Profiling existing users can help identify users to contact that will have a higher chance of being interested in having similar interests or in-app behaviour. 

6. Target by segment
By gathering the correct data you can group together user profiles based on similarities. It allows you to properly segment your target market, enabling you to communicate with the types of users who have the same interests or characteristics. Segmenting your users based on their profiles, makes communication feel personalised but on a big scale. That’s how you get deeper user interaction.

7. Creates user context
User context is any relevant information that has been gathered and used to characterise the situation of a user. User profiling enables user context creation. User context can be used when creating the profile in terms of what device the user has your app loaded on.

For example, let’s take a flight booking app, if you are like me, you will hate having to print out boarding passes when travelling (the fewer documents in the case, the more space for clothes
) therefore, handy app’s like Easyjet make it possible to be notified through a push notification saying that my boarding passes are ready to download onto my phone. However, if loaded on my tablet I am more than likely going to use it for browsing the next holiday destination, not for boarding passes.
The user context is different. This means that time is not wasted by sending notifications when it is not needed. 
Hurree. The Essential Guide to Market Segmentation. Let's Go!

8. Personalise to your users’ needs
Profiling provides insight into the users’ wants and needs! They give you the ability to personalise your brand marketing to each user. The more data gathered via user profiling, the more relevant you can be with your brand marketing. “Find out as much as you can about existing customers,”, you can never have too much information on your users.
9. Build trust 
Let’s be honest nobody likes spam! However, users are happy to receive brand marketing that helps or is applicable to them. Sending brand marketing that is applicable to the user's needs builds the user’s trust in the brand. The user will trust that any marketing contact will be specifically for them, making them feel valued. Having users that feel valued means that they will hang around that little bit longer and engage with the content that you send them. This is always a good thing!

The benefits of profiling are difficult to ignore! User profiles make your life easier when communicating with your app users, providing data to help with personalisation, trust, segmentation and reduction of competition to name a few. By using a marketing platform that allows dynamic profiling to automatically update profiles current, up-to-date information you can focus on your marketing strategy. You would be crazy to not to take notice of it. 

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