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[Video Interview] Let's Talk About Product Design

1 min read
May 30, 2019


As part of our ‘Let’s Talk About’ series, we’ve teamed up with the guys at Big Motive to discuss all-things product design. Big Motive is a design and innovation company that makes digital products and services that inspire business growth and development. We’ve had the opportunity to sit down with Big Motive’s Design Partner, Stephen Shaw.

In the above interview, Stephen discusses everything from the basics of product design to the inner-workings and invisible aspects of product design within Big Motive. He also delves into the importance of defining who your product is for, the key steps in the design process, current design trends, success measurement and how he stays inspired. 

For more information on Big Motive, visit their website here. And to learn more about how you can improve your market segmentation head to Hurree.co and check out our resources page.

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