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[Video] Benefits of Market Segmentation Analytics: The Proof is in the Data

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Nov 12, 2019

The primary aim of brands, both big and small, is to deliver optimised experiences and meaningful, personalised offerings to their chosen audience.

But how do you achieve consistent personalisation and great user experience (UX).

Through clever market segmentation and data analytics!

Watch our video which discusses everything you need to know about the benefits of market segmentation analytics:



In order to accurately segment, you must be able to gather and meticulously analyse your data. 

It’s this data that enables you to create highly personalised, hyper-relevant content, products, and services that consumers have now come to expect. 

And by achieving this level of personalisation through market segmentation analytics, you can expect optimised brand loyalty in return for your super-specific segmentation efforts.




3 key takeaways:

Number 1: Regularly review your data to keep up-to-date with what’s working, what isn’t and if there are any changes in your audiences’ information. 

Number 2: Experiment. Conduct weekly marketing experiments with different aims. These experiments will give you a consistent flow of data, which will ensure that you’re familiar with current marketing trends and your own brand’s performance.

Your aims could range from driving more traffic to your website and increasing followers on social media to growing profits or driving leads. 

Number 3: Act on your results. There’s no point in gathering and analysing data just for it to sit there and gather dust. Your data offers you actionable insights that have the power to optimise your output and keep your brand on the right path. 

So don’t just collect data aimlessly; have focus; have a goal; act and thrive.

No matter what your analytics show, you should always ask yourself ‘what are the reasons for these metrics, and how can I optimise them?’ Users evolve at a rapid rate and so does their data. 


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