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8 Benefits of Using Dashboards for Remote Teams

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Aug 9, 2022

Remote working has never been more acceptable and, what used to be just a ‘one off’ or only on rare occasions, is now a regular  occurrence for the majority of workers. 78% of those who work from home in some capacity say that it has given them an improved work life balance. 

Whilst remote working has many positive benefits for employees themselves, including an improved work life balance, more flexibility and less time spent commuting, it brings new challenges to employers. It’s much more likely that employees will feel isolated, and as a result may feel unengaged, demotivated and less productive. 

One way to prevent employees feeling this way is by using dashboards. They are a central resource that can be used to keep employees on track, make them feel more involved and motivated and also monitor their performance. Here are some of the main benefits of using dashboards with your remote teams: 


8 benefits of using dashboards for remote teams


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