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[Infographic] End of year financial reporting checklist

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Mar 2, 2023

Anyone who is responsible for the end-of-year financial reporting might know all too well the familiar feeling of impending doom when it’s that time of year again. As much as everyone would rather avoid it, it’s a legal requirement (if you’re a limited company) to ensure companies pay the right amount of tax, and also provides the management team, employees, shareholders and potential investors with up-to-date information on how well the company has performed over the past year. It will also help you track specific KPIs and important financial information. 

The report itself collects and showcases data from the past year, allowing key decision-makers to view several KPIs, so they can  make robust and informed decisions for the year ahead. The report also helps with financial forecasting, goal setting and highlights areas for opportunities or improvement. 

So whether you are in a panic trying to put your end-of-year financial report together, or if you’re organised enough to be simply be planning ahead (if that’s the case, we’re impressed), then the infographic below has a few things to consider to help keep you on track. 

End of year financial reporting checklist

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