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[Infographic] Spreadsheets Vs Dashboards

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Nov 25, 2022

Whether you use Excel, Google Sheets, or another spreadsheet software, you are bound to be familiar with the painstaking process of figuring out formulas, creating tables and graphs, and the never ending task of manually entering and updating data. While spreadsheets are an extremely powerful tool and have numerous benefits, there are a few reasons why they lack efficiency compared to a dashboard

For a start, a spreadsheet will not update in real time, meaning you (or someone else on your team) will have the monotonous task of updating data on a regular basis. While this may seem a simple task to begin with, it can quickly turn into a very time consuming, inefficient task, having to scroll back through weeks or months worth of data to manually update your spreadsheet. That’s just one reason why we prefer using a dashboard to present data.

We will cover some of the other reasons in the infographic below, along with some useful statistics: 


final infographic

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