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How AI Marketing is Impacting the Content Writer's Life

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Dec 27, 2018

Content marketing is hard. Whether your marketing team is a one man band consisting of you, and you alone, or if you have a huge team with a number of dedicated content marketers, the task at hand is ultimately still the same. You still have to research the keywords, come up with relevant topic ideas, write the content, proofread the content, schedule, upload, share and regularly review the content… you get the idea, right?


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Now, imagine a world where you could rely on a super smart machine to complete the vast majority of those activities for you?

With artificial intelligence (AI) content marketing this has already become a reality. In fact, a study by Gartner predicts that as much as 20% of all business content will be authored by machines by the end of this year.

As this technology becomes more and more embedded into all aspects of our lives, you can be forgiven for being hesitant and having concerns about how it might impact your job as a content marketer.

Thankfully, in this current day and age, AI is not yet something to be feared. Instead it is creating opportunities for marketers, giving us the tools and knowledge we have been searching for our entire careers. Our human creativity paired with the power of AI has the ability to revolutionise our potential to understand users and data, whilst increasing engagement rates and creating more relevant, appealing and effective content for all our target markets at the same time.

Currently, AI content marketing lacks the ability to be creative or empathetic, so is limited to pieces that tend to be informative and accurate, such as business, financial or sports reporting. So rather than a complete replacement of human inputs, AI acts as more of an aid. In my opinion a human eye will always be necessary to cast over any piece of content created by a machine - just to be sure.

Take this quiz and see for yourself if you can tell the difference between something written by a machine and something written by a human here (it’s harder than you might think).

How an AI Content Writer Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

According to a recent survey by the Content Marketing Institute, only 30% of B2B marketers considered their organisations to be effective at content marketing, highlighting that there is a lot to be improved upon. Chances are, you are included in this 70% that aren’t happy with their content marketing efforts.

So just how could an AI content writer be the answer to making your content marketing more relevant, effective and engaging? 

1.  Research

If you have ever had to write a blog or a similar piece of content you will understand how much time and effort it takes to plan and research a topic that you assume will be a hit with your readers. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it feels like a waste of blood, sweat and tears with little to no return.

However, thanks to an AI content writer you can say goodbye to the long hours spent researching. By using algorithms to track and identify conversations across the internet, artificial intelligence can recognise the types of content that are proving most popular and driving the highest engagement amongst target market, helping to guide marketers towards creating the right content for the right customer. By tapping into these conversations you can sleep sound at night knowing you are writing about the relevant topics of interest that your target market are searching for.

2.  Highly Personalised Content

AI is able to finely target market segments with messaging they are most likely to relate to and engage with at that particular moment in time. As an AI powered machine continues to learn more and more about an individual user overtime by their online actions, it will become better at understanding exactly what that person likes and dislikes. For content, this could mean automatically editing certain variables in order for it to connect more directly with the person receiving the message.


Hurree. The Essential Guide to Market Segmentation. Let's Go!

Improve Content Engagement

Continuing on from my previous point, if you give your customers highly personalised content that they can relate to, then hey presto your overall engagement is very likely to increase as a nice bonus. And we all know that higher engagement rates = higher revenue!

4.  Create Content Faster

This point goes without saying really. If you have a machine writing the content for you, then obviously you are going to be able to create greater amounts of content at a faster pace than before. Although the technology we have at the moment still requires some human intervention, it will still greatly increase productivity. If content creation was just a matter of inputting a few requirements, pressing some buttons, reading over and making a few tweaks to a piece of writing crafted by a machine, just imagine how many different pieces of content aimed at your different target markets you could get out each month. With an AI content writer you know this content is of a high quality too, and not just spinning material out for the sake of it.

AI Content Marketing.jpeg


Artificial intelligence doesn’t want to render you useless, it simply wants to make the task of writing content a lot easier. We aren’t even close to reaching the full potential of the joint forces of artificial intelligence and human talent, but one thing is for sure, marketers would be wise to embrace it as part of their marketing strategy. From discovering endless amounts of potential relevant topics to write about to updating certain variables within the content to make it resonate better with the reader, I’m struggling to think of a reason why any marketer wouldn’t want an AI-powered content writer!

Learn more about the importance of implementing AI as part of your marketing strategy with our FREE guide: A Marketer's Guide to Artificial Intelligence.

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