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The Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel Marketing

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Sep 23, 2021

Customers in this day and age are massively different to that of ten to twenty years ago. They are extremely tech savvy using multi-channel platforms to browse and shop online. The average customer expects consistent interactions across all channels, and one way to achieve this is by implementing an effective omnichannel marketing strategy. 


What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel marketing is the practice of creating a seamless shopping experience for your customers, no matter what channel or touchpoint they are engaging with your brand. Whether it's your website, app, social media channels, email, SMS or in a physical brick and mortar store, the experience needs to be personalised, tailored and positive for the customer. 

It's normal now for customers to use multiple different channels and devices to carry out their retail therapy; in fact, the average consumer owns ten digital devices and shops online at least once per month. Omnichannel customer experience is no longer an option, but a necessity if you want a successful business. To keep customers happy, brands need to meet them where they are, on the device and channels they prefer. And if they don’t, it's game over.

Merely creating a presence on these channels is not enough. Your customers crave a seamless and fully personalised experience, with 83% of customers stating they wish to talk to a brand across multiple different channels.  

With an omnichannel strategy, you can integrate your marketing channels for seamless communication and personalise your messaging to serve each customer as an individual. With so many channels it can be difficult knowing how to get started. That's why we've put together the Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel marketing. 


What’s in The Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel Marketing?

In this guide, we dive into the fundamentals of omnichannel marketing and deliver an in-depth understanding of how to transform your brand into a fully former Omnichannel Ecosystem. The guide will layout three strategies for transforming your business, ranging from entry-level to advanced omnichannel implementation: 

  • Commerce - includes every way that your customers can complete their path to purchase; omnichannel commerce requires advanced and diverse shopping options. 

  • Personalisation - large scale, multi-channel touchpoints are integrated using rich customer profile data to deliver holistic, individualised communications along the customer journey.

  • Ecosystems - Ecosystems are the pinnacle of an omnichannel strategy combining the best of both Commerce and Personalisation, to create a holistic community where a brand becomes a coherent part of a customer's life. 

Finally, our guide will give you an essential checklist for omnichannel marketing that details the activities and tactics employed by a leading brand, The North Face, and highlight the benefits and challenges of implementing these omnichannel strategies.

Download your free guide by clicking the image below: 


The Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel Marketing: Download Here

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