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[Infographic] 4 Hacks & Tips for Powerful Push Notifications

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Oct 3, 2019

Using push notifications in your app marketing strategy can transform your business. This small but mighty tactic has the power to boost retention and increase engagement rates at an unparalleled level.

There’s a lot of information out there on how to set up a push notification campaign but let’s go through some of the essentials.

  1. Set your objectives: think about the goal of your campaign. Do you want to increase engagement, boost retention, or increase revenue? Having a clear target is the key to any successful campaign.

  2. Identify an audience segment: use demographic, behavioural, geographic, and psychographic data to target users who will find your message valuable.

  3. Personalise your push: go beyond a first-name basis with your users and you will reap the rewards. You can include location, devices, behaviours, timing and more to make each message personalised.

  4. Add relevant media: Images, GiFs, video, and emojis can all make your push notification more engaging.

  5. Add a Call-to-Action: nudge a user toward the desired action with a well-crafted CTA; inject momentum and urgency into your notifications.

  6. A/B Testing: focus on one variant at a time to nail down what type of message works best for your audience.

Follow this list and you're covered. You will send your push notifications out and yes, you’ll probably do just fine. But fine is boring. What if you want to be better than fine? What if you want to be the best goddamn push notification sender in the market?

In that case, you’re going to need to stand out from your competition. Our 4 little-known hacks and tips for powerful push notifications are just the thing to help you do it!


4 Hacks & Tips for Perfect Push Notifications.


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To learn more about the various other ways that you can use push notifications to grow your app user base and retain loyal app users, check out A Copywriter's Guide to Perfect Push Notifications. I’d love to hear from you so feel free to reach out to me directly via contact@hurree.co if you have any questions, or you can leave a comment below.


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