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It’s easy to think that user acquisition is the core metric for determining mobile app success. However, without a high number of monthly active users or without a lot of upgrades to your app’s Pro/paid version, your app cannot succeed.

At the end of the day, you have been making the app to get cash coming, haven’t you? So, guess what? User engagement should be one of the key metrics to measure your app success.

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And if you are wondering what to do, to measure your app’s performance, you are in the right place. A good mobile app analytics tool can help you measure your KPIs and improve accordingly. An improved app equals to a more successful app especially in terms of user engagement and a high retention rate.

So, let’s dive deeper and see what you can measure and understand with the help of a mobile app analytics tool. 


Fix app crashes and re-engage your users

The number one thing app users hate is when an app crashes or when it’s not fast enough. With a good app analytics tool, you will be able to see when and how many times your app has crashed.

An advanced tool will automatically detect the crashed sessions and show the exact steps that led to the crash. It’s important to know when an app has crashed and it’s more important to learn what caused the crash. As soon as you find out the cause, you will be able to quickly fix it and make your users happy again.


Enhance user experience and make it easy for users to navigate through your app

It’s as easy as one-two-three! If users navigate easily through an app, they will most probably use it again and again. So, how could you know if your UX is perfect except getting direct feedback from your app users?

Analyzing user journeys can help. Advanced user behavior analytics tools provide you with the information on how people navigate in your app. This way, you will get insights on whether they are taking the path you have envisioned for them or not. And if not, you already know what to do. Of course, redesign it!


Optimize your app buttons & CTAs to make users happier

Imagine, it’s not clear enough what a button in an app is for. This can be really frustrating! A good heatmap tool will help you visually see where users tap and swipe in your app.

Sometimes, app makers design buttons that they consider heavenly. However, the app users might not share that opinion about the button. To fix this, an app maker can try to improve the button by changing its design, color, the CTA or maybe by placing it in a completely different place on the screen.

In this respect, heatmaps are cool since they show the users’ browsing habits and thus help the app makers analyze user behavior and come up with an improved version.


See why users did not complete a predefined path through analyzing visual funnels

An advanced app analytics tool will provide you not only with the information on how many users have successfully completed the funnel but also with the data on what happened to those who didn’t complete it.

With this information at your disposal, you will be able to sit down with your product team and see how you can re-engage your app users.


Summing up

Now that you know how app analytics can help you engage your users, it’s time to find one that meets all your criteria and that’s affordable at the same time.

Data-driven analysis can help you find patterns in user behavior and thus improve user experience. Note that some app analytics tools are really hard to set up. If you want to avoid the hassle, make sure you find one that takes a few minutes to integrate. Look for something that has a light SDK and will take just 5 minutes to integrate. As soon as done, enjoy the ride!


Author bio:

Anna Harutyunyan is a Product Manager at Inapptics. Inapptics is an in-app analytics platform that helps app makers analyze user behavior in their mobile apps. With just one line of code, app makers can now see the exact actions users do in their apps, like where they tap and how they navigate.

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