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[Infographic] Mastering Push Notification Permissions

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Jul 8, 2019

App marketers worldwide sing the praises of push notifications for increasing engagement and improving customer retention rates. But before you go running out to invest in push notification software, you need to understand a vital step in the push process: permissions.

The thing is, as a marketer you can’t go around sending as many messages as you want to anyone you want. It would be very annoying to your users. App permissions put power in the hands of users, protecting their privacy and preventing potential headaches. 

Depending on which operating system your app is running, there are different processes to get users to opt-in. The results of opt-in success rates are varied, with Android leading by far across industries and across the globe.

Understanding the differences between Android and Apple permissions policies, and adapting your approach depending on the needs of your chosen OS, is key to getting the highest opt-in rates possible. 

We’ve compiled this handy infographic to help you become a master of push notification permissions...

Push Notification Permissions. Infographic. Hurree.


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